8 Hipótesis

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8 Hipótesis

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por lauraponce

EJE TEMATICO: vivienda

   Población fija – población flotante
·         Vivienda – temporalidad
·         La calle como un elemento socializador
·         Peatonalización – recorridos de actividades
·         Conectividad de usos de suelos
·         Apropiación de espacios – nuevos significados acerca de la vivienda
·         Incentivo a nuevos grupos afines de población – estudiantes, ejecutivos, turistas
·         Relación entre actividades diurnas y nocturnas

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3 Comentarios

Beata dijo

I liked your video. It’s very good done! Especially transformation of ejtocbs in scene and idea of making all of them in frame of improvisational paper on the table. Also the game of camera’s focus is good! So 5* from me and congratulations!P.S.: Which software did you use? 3D’s Max ?

Enviado el28 marzo, 2012 a las 8:07

xrrrmbttjxk dijo

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Enviado el1 julio, 2012 a las 18:07

Tito dijo

really? That’s odd, but the desciion has already been taken, and the system says that you are not selected, anyhow we will look at it Today, on May 8th we still have no official answer. We are shocked because people like Varsavsky, Raftery and Dans , among others, have allowed their names to be used for an interesting contest, which seems not to have been managed as well as we think it should have been. We are also disappointed because our team has worked very hard on the project and we are proud of what we created, since we are small and we were at the point of presenting our project to an international jury. The contest was a way to prove that we were doing things the right way and was a moral boost to keep going.We take the liberty of advising the jury and to the enterprises that collaborate with it to be carefull; all of you should look very closely the organization’s processes.To all projects selected, our congratulations.

Enviado el2 julio, 2012 a las 8:01

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